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  • Life Science Open Space 2015, Targi w Krakowie EXPO, st. Galicyjska 9 , Krakow, 8th of October 2015 The conference dedicated to connecting life science and innovation, following a formula which allows for interdisciplinary interaction amongst seekers, solvers, inventors, developers, investors, customers, scientists and entrepreneurs. 01 August 2014 /news/97/life-science-open-space-2015-targi-w-krakowie-expo-st-galicyjska-9-krakow-8th-of-october-2015/ Fundacja KLSK
  • Building a 2.0 Klaster The Klaster was created at a time when construction necessary for the development of the life sciences in Krakow. From that time the life sciences, and all things related to them, continue to grow rapidly. 31 July 2014 /news/98/building-a-20-klaster/ Fundacja KLSK
  • Best of Biotech BOB ("Best of Biotech - get your business started") is an international life science business plan competition organized by Life Science Austria (LISA), a program run by the Austria Wirtschaftsservice on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Economy, Family and Youth. 12 February 2014 /news/96/best-of-biotech/ Ewa Biskup
  • Genome ID Group opens new Advanced Forensic DNA Laboratory Genome ID Group, LLC has established a state of the art laboratory facility, known as The Center for Advanced Forensic DNA Analysis™ (CAFDA), in Greenville, NC. The company is known for developing practical applications for advanced DNA analysis methods to create unique solutions in the field of forensic human identification. 08 December 2013 /news/94/genome-id-group-opens-new-advanced-forensic-dna-laboratory/ Fundacja KLSK


Partners of the SMEGoNet project as well as members of the Global Innovation Network are legal entities which aim — together and individually — to foster innovation and advancement in life science through interdisciplinary, multilevel collaboration between business and science sectors.

The network involves regional economic development organizations, clusters and inter-cluster initiatives, science parks, universities and R&D organizations as well as other institutions involved in life science sector.

This section provides basic information about each member of the Network and links to more detailed information on their web sites, including listings of companies, partner's activities and events, etc.

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Members of the Network engage individually and commonly in projects that aim to develop skills, competences
or capabilities that will eventually become Network's resources available to the larger life science community.

In this section you will learn about the aims, structure, activities and outcomes of selected projects realised in
cooperation within the Network.

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Good practices

The best way to promote open collaboration in innovation is to showcase good real-life examples and practices,
that others may easily adopt and benefit from. We will scout for such practices, evaluate them in order to make
sure there is a clearly communicated value, and publish them for everyone interested.

Within the scope of the SMEGoNet project we have planned the contest in order to award the SMEs ready to
share their experience and results from collaborative effort (see the details of the SMEGoNet project activities).

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The key benefit of the Network is that it creates opportunities for its members to attain resources, competences
and skills that are otherwise difficult or impossible to get, yet necessary to complete a project or a task. Entities
seeking to scale up their capacities for innovation from local to international level will find this section to be a
gate to develop global operations. Innovators looking for financial and/or technical partnership will want to place
their proposal here.

This section includes offers for collaboration in both directions — either you are in need or you offer the service,
the equipment, the competence or other type of the resource.

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